Lifetime warranty

Bets 'n Money offers a so called "lifetime warranty". Players who signed up through an affiliates link will stay a player for that affiliate as long as they play on one of Bets `n money's portals. If the affiliate decided to no longer promote our portals his previously signed up players will still generate revenue.


All monthly payouts will be automatically wired to your bank account. See the table below for our payout and commission rates.

commission rates

Player revenue per month: Commission percentage
Up to and including € 10.000,- 35%
Up to and including € 20.000,- 45%
Up to and including € 40.000,- 50%
Greater than € 40.000,- 60%

5 % Multi-level / Multi-tier commission

Sub affiliate commission is what you receive for any affiliates signed up through you. You will receive 5% of their commission.

No negative Carry over (Never a negative monthly balance at Bets `n money)

Many online gaming and affiliate platforms use a negative carry over system. This means that you might loose money in one month due to players winning, and then have to pay up the next. Bets 'n Money doest not use such a system. All negative balances will be restored to zero each month.

With many parties you must earn your way out of one's month negative income Not at Bets 'n Money, each month just starts fresh again as if you were never in the red.

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