General terms and conditions regarding Bets `n money affiliates


All offered websites are owned Reload NV (also trading under the name Beth 's money) All copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the content of this website, including text, design, and the images and sounds belong to Reload NV or third parties who have authorized this material for use to Reload NV. The content of the website may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of Reload, altered and / or made public, subject to restrictions by law to the extent necessary in the context of the intended use of this website.


Reload NV is in no way responsible or liable for the way affiliates promote a link or site on websites of third parties. Reload NV reserves the right to block an affiliate account at its discretion in the event of fraud, spam and other unorthodox promotion method that deceive visitors or infringe the rights of third.

Forbidden uses of the affiliate system

Promoting the Bets `n money sites with spamming through email, newsgroups, instant messaging, chat and VoIP programs, adware / spyware, blackhat or websites with illegal or deceptive content is not permitted and will result in immediate termination of participation, without the right to payment.


Websites with illegal content are banned.
Rape, child pornography, incitement of hatred or criminal behavior or offensive material or prohibited or illegal or deceptive content may result in immediate termination of your account, without the right to payment of any outstanding balances.


Reload NV accept no liability for any downtime or other technical problems.


The minimum age for participation is 18 years.

Player account:

It is not allowed to play using the partner affiliate account. When fraud is suspected, the account can immediately be blocked without giving a reason. Any funds will not be paid. To play promoted on sites from affiliates should be create a separate player account.